What is BarnWood?

Have you seen them? These old barns along the road or somewhere in a meadow. These old barns try to tell you a tale. They have seen things and experienced things that we have not seen or experienced. You can see the time in the barns and the time left marks on the wood like wrinkles in a face. We can’t just throw away the wood of these old barns. We need to use it for something, in order to continue this tale…

Our purchasers are continuously looking for these tales. We started of with an old wind mill in Austria and we have grown to where we are now. At this moment, we are looking for old barns in Austria, Switzerland, Italiy, India and Slovenia, but also in Canada and Spain. Every day, we are looking for the perfect barns in order to make the perfect products with the perfect look. That might sound a bit easier than it really is, because not every barn has the right looks and not every barn can be demolished and processed into a product with the right quality. With a team of specialist, we are looking for the best barns in order to make products that make the difference.

Our products have already travelled a long way before they get to you. After the demolishment, the planks are cleaned and nails are being removed. After that, the planks are sorted on thickness and on colour. When this is finished, we dry the planks and turn them into the end products, for example by providing the planks with tongue and groove. At the end, the products are being brushed and sorted on length. But most important of all: The uniqueness of every plank is being saved and may never be lost!

At this moment, we have a wide range of products with different colours and different backgrounds.

All BarnWood products are certified under FSC 100% Recycled. You can find our FSC certificate here.

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BarnWood Concepts is a concept by BouwFactor Wood Products